Today I’m 30 ! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ! I can’t believe it! I clearly remember all the freak show I use to do in high school and the problem that our social study teacher made me (explained in P.S) . I literally did nothing and just looked at the pictures of the celebration that my parents held for me ! haha

Lot’s stuff in my head. I made some promises last year to myself + some new year resolutions that with lots of try achieved more than half of them. Yet comparing to others that promise themselves GOING TO THE MOON, my resolution/promises were achievable and I got some of them.

For the next year I want to devote sometime to do charity, not with money (DAAAAAA, got no money yet!!!!) and like to get to intermediate level of speaking French (Rosetta Stone it isssss!)

I also want to start a YouTube channel. Although it’s a little late but who care, It’s never late I think!

P.S: when I was in intermediary, our teacher was teaching how cool Islamic roles and government is and I just asked: aren’t those roles established over 1500 years ago? Human’s behavior isn’t changed? Aand booom I failed the course 2 times even I was good at it!


God Bless you ❤