God damn it. This is the 4th time I get insulted by these stupid ignorant low educated as*holes calling me terrorist on street.

I’m just so fed-up. So as soon as they start to ask “De donde eres” it’s red alert for me. People that I don’t know (people on street) or know (Gym trainer) me.


I have never tolerated racism and labeling people in my life. In Iran we have a little bit of this problem. (Kurd, Turk, Afghan and Pakistanis). I have even got into serious verbal argument on street with people in Iran due to their insult to these minorities. You CAN NOT LABLE ANYONE. Neither can’t insult anyone.

I learned from Jesus that no one of is better than the other one and no one can harm the other (ref. stoning Mary the prostitute).

It would be definitely easier to lie and say I’m Indian, But it sucks to do so, So prefer not to respond at all! Although for these nosy people it’s kind of lack of respect when they ask and you refuse to answer, But guess what; It’s better to refuse answering rather than being insulted.

I face this situation on normal basis at least once a week.

Hope not to see this out of here….


God may bless you