He is late from work and does not answer his phone neither. She can’t reach him and let his kid hear his voice to calm down. He has been asking for dad for long but no way out… telephone rings and someone from hospital is reporting death of her husband. Her Cristal beautiful globe of love breaks. Hear dreams fall down with each drop of tear that runs on her cheek. The same is happening with other 16 families. 17 victims of terrorism attack in #Tehran.

OMG! I just realized that 3 days ago #Tehran has been under #ISIS attack. Damn it. Can’t express level rage and stress I’m holding in now. I have been proud of my ethnic and rich culture of more than 5000 years of history and civilization. I was like: NOOOOWAY an Iranian will blow itself for this meaningless Islamic nonsense! But there you go. Not 1 but 3 attacks happened and based intelligence agencies a lot more suicide west sh!t has been captured before being used. My beautiful country was under pressure of radical islam from this government n’ now civilians are being hurt.

A lost proud in river of blood. I have all my family and friends in Iran. It put the most of pressure on me. I hate #war in my entire life and has been advancing issues using #Peace but it looks that this formula for #ISIS doesn’t solve the situation! They want violence and blood. I don’t like to see words is going in this direction.

I’m a #Refugee. All what I had is GONE. My family is the only thing that is remaining for me. I don’t know how to pray all parents not to be hurt specially mine. I CAN DO NOTHING but sitting and praying. Can’t rely and nothing and no one. When #LondonAttack happened the whole word talked about it.it was and still is a trending topic in TWTR but when the same crap happened in Iran, everyone is quiet. We are all human. NO DIFFERENCE IS APPLIABLE. Syrian=Chinese=Cuban=Canadian=American=Nigerian=Persian

Since then I’m checking internet 10 times a day although there is a lot with my financial situation. I had enough with all #refugee crisis that is going on in Cuba and now this crap is another heavy load on me.

I have a lot to say but I don’t know how to put words together. Maybe talking is better than typing but….


Respect and blessing for all those fallen

Heartbroken Persian anonymo230118986_276039us