To all my ” life savor’s ” fellows:

Wherever you get tired of routine daily job, Please keep this humble saying of mine in mind 🙂 :

When with a wave of ocean thousand of fishes come to the shore and all dying, PLEASE DON’T STOP RETURNING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN… for you it may doesn’t make so  much of difference, but for each fish is the difference of LIFE or DEATH.

My father worked so hard for society and the poor ( the same as my mom does now) and never stopped. I could see them frustrated n’ tired by they never stopped. As one of those fishes on the beach I’m talking: PLEASE KEEP ROLLING, YOU ARE GIFTED FOR WHAT YOU DO, DO NOT STOP……


Someday when i can work again i will do exact same thing, because in 10 years after that, It’s what counts, SAVING LIFES

P.S : These photos are copied from Wikipedia or google photo search. There are more organizations but these that i know came to my mind.