Well today is April 3th which means: ITS MY BDAY… huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy J  to me birthday has meaning when there is some cake in between ! so here we go. I know its small but better than nothing!IMG-20170403-WA0023

My parents surprised me with and there it is.a beautiful yummy shrubbery chocolate cake. Wish I could have a little bit of it. There is nothing in the world better than family. NOTHING. Those who I knew as “FRIEND” showed their disqualification and there is just Ali in Iran which has been my friend for like 10 years and my friend Mehrdad which after his arrest I have no news from him (hope he is fine).


I miss you BABA MAMA SISTER. I’m dying to hug you again and sit just next to you……..…


God may bless all days of your life

Bday boy Anonymous!