Hey It’s another new year. HAPPPPPPPY this one as well all good ones unfold in coming. Today Is Iranian new year which is called Now’Ruz (means new day) that one the oldest and the sharpest Persian traditional celebrations. It celebration of end of cold n winter to start pleasant and lovely Spring. This is the third one that I’m Cuba and still waiting my LUCK enters from the door (or window, under the door, Key hole or any possible way).

Now’ruz sign is BABA NOWRUZ and HAFT SIN table. BABA NOWRUZ is a guy that has made his face black with chalk and calling for new rooz to come and clean it (metaphor for cleaning the soul and dropping bad behaviors) and Haft Sin ( 7 S ) is table of 7 elemnts starting with S in farsi like Sib (Apple), Serkeh (Vinegar), Sekkeh (coin, Money),Sabze (grasses),Somagh(!!!), Samanu(!!!), Sir(Garlic) what each of these has it’s own metaphor for something like Sabze (grasses) that stands for Green, Life and new born.

It’s strange to be a refugee and celebrate what you have been celebrating for your entire life but now no one don’t know about it. It’s like it NOT like its NOT important but when you are in the middle of cultures you start to feel MORE lonely with celebrating something that is STRANGE to others. This year I felt more lonely than all other years. THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME.

I would like to explain IMMIGRATION, IMMIGRANTS and customes but as im not expert in the field an have no much information about the rest of refugees can’t generalize my ideas. So skip on this J

Wish you a very lovely year all my Persian fellows

Former #Shah of Iran , #PresidentObama with Haftsin Decoration and my haftsin decoration. Couldn’t buy stuff so i write their name on paper. you can fine Garlic, Coin and Vinegar on the table

God may bless all days of your life