Last year on July 1, the lady that cleans the place I use to stay stole 550 euros from my luggage which was the last savings that I had. Since then I have been to police more than 100 times (twice a month) and GOT TO NOWHERE, the reason is not that they don’t know who did it or there is no enough evidence, NO! BECAUSE husband of that bi*th’s sister is working in that police station. This simple!

dirty cops are everywhere but it’s really obvious and annoying that they let her spend my money and drag me into financial crisis.  I picked up some money from where I was keeping my money under a lot of cloths in some pocket and left the house at 11am (she was alone in the house) when I came back at 2pm she left. I realized my luggage is weird and when I checked IT WAS GONE ! that simple! So I called the police and since then NOTHING, NOTHING and more NOTHING!

It’s so pulling me down but no one helps. I informed UN but they are just SORRY! They didn’t make any move or inform any immigration police or no contact to follow my robbery case (which I can’t blame them). Imagine by my crazy casual and informal Spanish I have to talk to immigration police chief and also personnel of Immigration. Funny to say that my case’s inspector is Christian and calls me Brother !!!! all the time! #shame #useless #dirtyCops #exhausted.

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God may bless you all

Tired Anonymous