I had a vision of 2017 that most of people are playing around with their Kindle and having all books as PDF in all 1 place but it seems like NO. A warm welcome from Cuban people!

Canada is the invitee country and following is pictures are from It’s booth. As the sale assistant told me there are books from 72+ authors. Crowd and positive vibe of young helped me for a little bit to forget HOW CRAZY OUR WORLD IS HAS BECAME!



Well they were to amazing person in addition to all cool people around, Margaret Artwood and Graeme Gibson with introducing their book Desde de INVIERNO, My picture with them (SHOWING OFF! :D).

img_4265 img_4272img_4109

Here is some other photos. To be honest I left so early. I didn’t even check other booths but I promise that like every year Mexico is bringing a looooooooot toys!


God may bless you all

Anonymous (Just came from the Bookfair)

img_4038  img_4162 img_4191  img_4235 img_4238 img_4243   img_4275   img_4220