Thinking of you

That’s what I do

All the Time…

You are always the first and

The last thing on this heart of mine


No matter where I go or what I do

I’m thinking of you

–         Dierks Bentley -I’m Thinking of You


I dedicate this song to God, Yea I do it. A lot of songs are that beautiful n deep that should be preserved. This is mine. Thanks Dierks for such gift. This is my forever song. In sickness n health, happiness or sadness I listen to this song.

Our Church !

#ChristmasInCuba is not something special, You will see commercialize sign of it : Santa but can’t feel sprit of it. Today It was 28C degrees for God’s sake!

I took a little tour around Havana to see Christmas- Cuban style! :

It’s like they put their furniture out of the door on street (after occupying the whole side walk) n play OUT FREAKING LOUD reggaetone ! 99% of the time kids are twerking n wiggling!!!!!! (they call it dancing! Which is so disturbing a 6 years old shake her butt like that!) Merry Christmas n happy new year to All of you. Hope in the new year ahead of me I learn much more about Jesus n have a better understanding of his blessing. It’s necessary for each single Christian to remind him/her self every day that HOW BIG IS BLESSING OF JESUS CHRIST.


God may bless you all and Merry Christmas