Today when I was praying something came to me. You know I’m a computer geek, I was thinking why it should be like Old and ancient God? him n rivers n mountain n fishing. Why not today modern updated God that understands this n talks to you like:



$ sudo add‐apt‐repository ppa:bumblebee/stable

$ sudo apt‐get update && sudo apt‐get upgrade

$ sudo apt‐get install bumblebee bumblebee‐nvidia

$ sudo usermod ‐a ‐G bumblebee $USER




Yea, hey what’s up son? Why are you calling me?

I don’t know how to say but Im planning to write. To write: The Geek and The God or. Geeky God or #God.

P.S: The first paragraph that has the word #sudo is from Linux- Ubuntu command and im trying to fix my monitor’s driver problem !

Just cooking the idea.


God may bless you all