Well the most highlighted for me are:

  • Problem of Communication: Telecommunication is so expensive. That having a cellphone comes with huge cost here. I don’t have ratios but I know 1 minute talking with Iran costs 5$.
  • Internet was 4.5 CUC/hour = (~ 5.26 USD) now its 2 CUC (~ 2.26 USD ). It’s not my call to say who should do what. #Internet in Cuba is a sensitive issue so I just say: it implies pile of problems to contact the family.
  • Lack of nutritious: Comparing to the basket of nutritious that I use to have every day, Here I face serious vitamins and mineral shortage. Supply here has its own style. When you see stuff in the stores, GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FOR PERSONAL USE. That’s the rule. For seasonal stuff freezing or dehydrating could be the option. BUT THANK GOD THAT INSTEAD OF BEING PUNISHED for my belief I follow it n *****——.
  • Open n warm culture: In terms of culture n being sharing, Cubans are interesting people. Surely there are weird moments that you don’t know what to do but mostly people welcome you.

there are a lot more, but more on this later

God may bless you all